Breast Implant Revision Surgery

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Deciding to undergo breast augmentation surgery is an important decision for a woman. Many hours of research and preparation go into finding a qualified surgeon, determining which implant to use, and which incision types and placement approaches will work best.

Imagine how disappointing it is when something goes wrong, either immediately after surgery or after a few years.

Even with all the preparation, skill and experience surgeons have with the surgery, complications from breast augmentation may arise. There are times when Dr. Lefkovits must correct the mistakes of other surgeons who did not meet the aesthetic goals of the patients.

In those cases, breast implant revision surgery is available to make the necessary corrections or repairs.

Common Issues from Breast Augmentation

  • Ruptured or deflated implant
  • Asymmetry, or uneven appearance
  • Double bubble, where it looks like you have an implant on top of a breast
  • Implant visibility
  • Implant palpability
  • Breasts sitting too high
  • Rippling
  • Capsular contracture, a thick scar that forms around the implant compressing it
  • Generally unsatisfactory results
  • Health problems

Breast Implant Revision Procedure

In many ways, the breast implant revision surgery is more difficult that the initial breast augmentation procedure. The procedure will vary based on the specific issue being addressed.

  • Breast Implant Exchange - In some cases, one or both implants may be exchanged in order to give you better symmetry, replace a ruptured implant, replace to a larger size implant, or simply provide you with more satisfactory results.
  • Capsulotomy - In some instances of capsular contracture, or repositioning of high-sitting breasts, an incision in the capsule surrounding the implant may be made.
  • Capsulectomy - This procedure, which removes the entire capsule, is indicated when a capsule becomes calcified.
  • Mastoplexy - Also known as a breast lift, this is indicated for adjustments. There are several mastoplexy techniques that may be indicated.
  • Pocket adjustment - Used to address issues with bottoming out, this procedure is used in conjunction with capsulotmy to tighten the pocket and to prevent further sagging.
  • Areolar reduction - This procedure may be used to correct overly prominent nipples.

In order to minimize the need for undergoing breast implant revision, it is important to find a highly skilled surgeon who will listen and understand your aesthetic goals. Prior to surgery you must decide with Dr. Lefkovits on what breast augmentation treatment plan will help you reach those goals. After all, you are the one who lives with your body and you need to be satisfied with the results.

Should you need a breast implant revision in New York City, whether you were a previous patient, or saw someone else, please contact the breast implant revision specialists at Park Plaza Center for Plastic Surgery today to schedule a comprehensive evaluation.