Hair Transplant for Men

Plastic Surgery for New York City (NYC), Manhattan and all of New York (NY)

There has been a thrust in our office in the area of hair, both In its restoration as well as in its removal. Hair transplantation using micro and minigrafts is the mainstay of hair restoration. It is safe, reliable, and most importantly it is natural. It really is very difficult to be able to detect the transplanted hairs. By being able to offer this operation to our patients, my office can truly serve as a "one stop" center for all the aesthetic needs of the male. A future newsletter and/or e-mail will describe the technique in more detail, and giving, as always, my point of view.

The second area of hair concentration is in Laser hair removal. This is very exciting because the technology is finally there where we can offer relatively permanent hair removal using the state of the art Cool-Glide Laser. The results with this laser are excellent with very high patient satisfaction. We are very pleased to be able to offer this service to our patients. A future Point Of View will discuss this topic in much more detail.