Breast Reduction Candidates

If you have overlarge breasts that cause physical pain and seem out of proportion with your body, you may be a candidate for a breast reduction. Large breasts not only come with a certain degree of self-consciousness and embarrassment – they can also cause significant physical problems for women, including:... Read more »

Fixing Uneven Breasts With Breast Surgery

Uneven breasts (technically called “breast asymmetry”) are actually quite common. Many women have a minor size discrepancy between their breasts, but in most cases, it is hardly noticeable and does not affect their overall appearance at all. Unfortunately, some other women may have a full cup size difference between their... Read more »

The Surgical Answer to Uncomfortable and Painful Large Breasts

Many women suffer from large pendulous breasts. These are usually associated with neck, back and should pain as well as painful shoulder groove indentations and rashes underneath the breasts. Many have tried different bras, have gone to chiropractors as well as trying physical therapy. The most definitive treatment is breast... Read more »