With time, many of our bodies lose their elasticity and softness. Changes to the physique, from pregnancies, weight gain or weight loss, can make you feel less confident in the appearance of your body. Oftentimes, even with exercise and a good diet, patients still find that there are problem areas that don’t look the way they would like. At Park Plaza Plastic Surgery, Dr. George Lefkovits aims to help our patients reclaim their bodies so they can feel more confident in their appearance.

Our plastic surgeon is renowned for his body contouring procedures in New York, New York. To learn more about the specific procedures we offer, check out the pages below:

Body contouring encompasses various procedures aimed at improving the aesthetic of the body to reduce fat and smooth the profile. We work with patients of a wide age range and different backgrounds. Many of our patients seeking body contouring are mothers whose bodies have experienced drastic changes due to pregnancies and struggles of motherhood. These wonderful women wouldn’t change a thing about being a mother, but they want to reclaim their bodies after bringing life to their children. Some of our patients are individuals who have seen significant weight gain or significant weight loss. In each of these cases, our plastic surgeon can work with the individuals to reach their body goals and create a look they feel confident and beautiful in.

Stop hiding your body. You deserve a look you feel incredible in. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Lefkovits at 212-651-1547.