Your chin is important to the overall appearance of your face. We often think of its importance in creating a masculine appearance, but it is just as important to the feminine face. A nice chin is essential to the creation of the apple or heart-shaped feminine face. And a weak chin can make an average-sized nose appear large or make a large nose seem even bigger. If you have a small chin that makes you self-conscious, chin augmentation may help.

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Chin augmentation at Park Plaza Plastic Surgery can help enhance your appearance by providing an essential element of balance or complementing a rhinoplasty or other procedure.

The Goal of Chin Augmentation

The goal of chin augmentation is to help your face achieve a good appearance both from the front and in profile. To accomplish this, the size or shape of your chin may be altered. It may be combined with nose surgery (rhinoplasty) or cheek augmentation for maximum effect.

Chin Augmentation Options

There are three common options for chin augmentation:

  • Facial filler injection
  • Chin implants
  • Chin advancement

Facial filler injection uses a temporary facial filler like JUVÉDERM® to increase the size of the chin. Although this procedure is temporary, it can be used to give you an improved appearance for a special occasion or to help you gauge whether chin augmentation is something you desire.

Chin implants use a solid silicone or polytratrafluorethylene (better known under the brand name “Teflon”) implant. An incision is made inside the mouth, and the implant is placed in front of the bone. The implant is typically secured in place to avoid shifting.

In chin advancement, a section of your jawbone is cut loose and shifted forward, then secured in place with metal plates and bone screws. For some people this can achieve good results, but it is a highly invasive procedure requiring a long recovery time, and it has a higher incidence of serious complications, including nerve damage. For these reasons, Dr. Lefkovits does not perform chin advancement surgery.

Recovery, Risks and Results

Chin augmentation with facial fillers requires no recovery time. Risks are minimal, although people are likely to see short-term swelling that may obscure final results for several days. The results of chin augmentation with facial fillers can be good but may only last four to six months.

Chin augmentation with a facial implant may require up to a week off from work. There will be some bruising and swelling in the chin that will go down over time. By the time you are ready to return to work, you can cover bruising with makeup. Your final, permanent results should be visible once swelling goes down. Chin augmentation with a facial implant does have some risks, including:

  • Infection
  • Prolonged or permanent numbness in the chin
  • Unfavorable cosmetic results
  • Facial implants may shift

The likelihood of these complications is very small.

To learn more about chin augmentation and its benefits and risks, please call 212-651-1547 to schedule a consultation with our New York, New York, plastic surgeon, Dr. George Lefkovits.