Have you recently lost a large amount of weight? Oftentimes, we see both male and female patients struggling with excess skin and a looseness of the abdominal muscles after losing weight. If you are one of those individuals, Dr. George Lefkovits wants you to know that there is hope. At Park Plaza Plastic Surgery, we often perform abdominoplasties, often referred to as a tummy tuck, on a regular basis. The tummy tuck tightens the muscles and removes excess skin from the abdomen. In some cases, our plastic surgeon may also be able to remove some stretch marks from the abdomen. Dr. Lefkovits performs abdominoplasty procedures in New York, New York, helping patients across the country feel more confident in their appearance.

The tummy tuck is commonly combined with other operations, like liposuction, to provide patients with a flat, firm abdomen.

After your tummy tuck procedure, it is important that you rest. You may return to work in one to two weeks. For four to six weeks, you should wear a light garment, avoiding strenuous activity throughout this process of healing.

If you are interested in finding out if a tummy tuck is right for you, call our office at 212-651-1547. Our plastic surgeon would love to help you feel more confident and secure in your self-image.

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