Do you often have people tell you that you look tired or angry? Even the most cheerful person can look drained if the eyelids are saggy. If you want to restore that youthful glint in your eye, our plastic surgeon may recommend that you pursue blepharoplasty, which is an eyelid surgery that renews the skin. Excess skin and fat often accumulate in the upper and lower lids. When the upper lid gets puffy, it adds a hood to the eye. Lower lids get puffy and saggy, causing deeper, more permanent under-eye circles.

An eyelid surgery can correct these unwanted changes in the eyelids. During the blepharoplasty, Dr. George Lefkovits will remove excess skin from the eyelids. Additionally, fat from the lower eyelid can be relocated to improve any hollowness that is present under the eyes.

You can rest assured that the eyelid surgery will leave you with a more youthful appearance without visible scarring. The incision on the upper eyelid will be concealed within the eyelid’s crease. The lower lid typically has an incision at the lash line but can also be present on the inside of the eyelid.

If you are ready to look more well-rested and reclaim your youth, we invite you to schedule a consultation for blepharoplasty in New York, New York, at Park Plaza Plastic Surgery by calling 212-651-1547. Our plastic surgeon looks forward to helping you feel more confident in your look.

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