For some men, having a flat, underdeveloped buttock can be a source of shame, especially while wearing tight jeans or pants. Although many exercises can improve the buttocks, you may still find yourself wishing you had a more developed area. This issue can be of particular concern if you have a toned upper body with underdeveloped buttocks.

Luckily, if you find yourself in this situation, there are things our plastic surgeon can do to give you a boost. Surgical buttock enlargement has a high success rate, especially with modern treatment options. Dr. George Lefkovits can enhance your buttocks by using fat grafts from other areas in the body, typically taking excess fat from the abdomen and placing it in the buttocks. Because we are using your own tissue, there is minimal risk of rejection or infection in the procedure.

In the past, the use of solid silicone implants was very popular for buttock enlargement procedures. Silicone is still used in some locations, but Dr. Lefkovits prefers to not use this method, as it has more potential for complications and a more difficult recovery.

In order to use a fat graft for the buttock enlargement, it is necessary that you have sufficient fat quantities in the donor regions, such as the abdomen. If you do not have enough fat, you may need to seek augmentation with buttock implants.

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