Over time, many of our patients find themselves with unwanted fat. In fact, many say that they wish they could move their fat to places where they actually need it. If you are one of those individuals, our plastic surgeon can help. Dr. George Lefkovits is skilled in the art of transferring body fat into the face to add more fullness to the features.

A major benefit to a fat injection from fat cells derived from your own body is that there isn’t a risk of allergenicity. Some dermal fillers can cause allergic reactions in the body, but because you aren’t incorporating a foreign material to the body, you can have a safe experience. A disadvantage to using a fat injection from your own body, rather than using a synthetic dermal filler, is that the fat injections have a shorter duration of effectiveness. You may find yourself needing to repeat your injections more often with this treatment than you would with a traditional filler.

Are you interested in a natural approach to facial fillers? Schedule your appointment with our plastic surgeon at Park Plaza Plastic Surgery. Dr. Lefkovits can give you a facial fat injection in New York, New York, to renew your features. Feel free to contact our office at 212-651-1547 if you have any questions.