A Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure aimed to enhance the size and shape of your buttocks using existing fat from other parts of your body. Brazilian butt lifts are a more natural alternative to a traditional butt lift that uses implants. The intended results of a Brazilian butt lift are immediate.

A Brazilian butt lift differs from other buttock-enhancement procedures because our plastic surgeon will use fat from other parts of your body to augment your buttocks. Other procedures, such as liposuction, may be used to ensure an overall lifted, natural look.

There are several benefits of choosing a Brazilian butt lift, including:

Our plastic surgeon will meet with you before your Brazilian butt lift to discuss your procedure and address any questions that you may have. During this consultation, we will also discuss your idea of beauty and how you would like your end result to look like. Our team will ensure you have reasonable expectations for the procedure to make sure you can get the best possible results.

Our plastic surgeon will perform your Brazilian butt lift using local or general anesthesia to ensure your comfort and safety during your procedure. For more information on Brazilian butt lifts or schedule a consultation with our skilled plastic surgeon, call our office today.